In 1995, the war in Sarajevo is roaring.

Gordana leaves her hometown, her family and her studies in Economy. Suitcase in hand, her will and talent packed, she sets for Paris. She finds work as an au pair, and quickly becomes a distinguished student at the famous Parisian fashion school Studio Bercot.

Poached right out of school, she begins designing for Charles Jourdan, where she stays four years. With this experience, she accepts a new challenge and goes to work for then emerging brand, Mellow Yellow and divides her time between France and China. Subsequently, she designs two collections for Stéphane Kelian before becoming artistic director for Accessoire Diffusion, a role she carry on today.

During this time, Gordana’s desire to create her own brand and place of expression continued to grow. To make this dream a reality, she joins the French Institute of Fashion in September 2009 and enrols in the Global Management MBA, aimed to train future leaders of fashion companies. There, she built a team around her project.


Gordana, gentle and assertive

Gordana makes her wishes come true. She has willpower, pleasure and incredible intuition. Throughout each stage of her life, she has inspired trust and exposed her creative universe, gathering confidence and support along the way.

What we like about Gordana is her simplicity, sense of humour and her joy – the exact mix embedded in her designs. It is only the beginning of the Gordana Dimitrijevic brand and we will be hearing a lot about it.

A name made of consonants and accents, full and strong.

A name of origin, travel and elegance etched underneath our feet.