A cool wind blows on rue de Seine, Gordana Dimitrijevic moved here at number 76.

An ideal location in the image of this talented designer who launched her own label and set her creations in a “jewelry box”: pretty, elegant and feminine.

The Gordana Dimitrijevic signature: shoes with perfect lines, which irresistibly attract us from the window, so elegant and unique.

The window display draws you in like a magnet, and just like a candy swallowed too quickly, we need more. We’re already inside, enjoying, observing and lingering at each model. We take in the architectural lines, temperance, and well-sculpted, meticulous details. Heels are straight, stable and thick, or dizzyingly high – casual or femme fatale, depending on the mood of the day.

Then we have to touch. Silky suede, soft lamb, lizard, pony.  Glamour and sensuality, not to mention the comfort, of course, that is so dear to the designer. A shoe designed for women by a woman, who knows that we, Les Parisiennes, walk on the pavement in strides.

We feel so good in that golden house. Is it the presence of the designer, enveloping us with her smile and her sparkling eyes? Tall and beautiful, with her assertive looks, she is surrounded by her creations, which she wears beautifully and has great pleasure seeing them on our feet.